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Bagel automated bacteriocin mining

Welcome to the BAGEL website, BAGEL is a webbased bacteriocin mining tool. If you have genetic data and you want to check if it contains bacteriocin encoding genes or other bacterial ribosomally synthesized and post-translartionally-modified peptides (RiPPPs) you are at the right place. BAGEL3 combines direct and indirect mining by looking at context genes. Also BAGEL3 uses an unintelligent ORF calling procedure to make sure no potential small ORFs encoding bacteriocins or RiPPs are missed.   

Currently we support two versions of BAGEL:

BAGEL3 is the recommended version and use single or multiple DNA sequences but also (un)fiinished genomes and scaffold data as input for bacteriocin mining. BAGEL2 uses genbank files as input. 


click here to Start mining for bacteriocins




bagel3 example





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